Gaucho Tour tillersteer

Gaucho Tour tillersteer

A bike that can satisfy your needs and expectations: The Gaucho Tour is a fast, stable and very comfortable high recumbent. Equipped with quality parts to exacting standards of workmanship, you will find that reliability and durability are built in. Suited for commuting, training or extended trips and travels.

The Gaucho can be fitted with 2 x 28", 2 x 26" or 2 x 24" wheels. The 28" version is suited for riders from approx. 1.85 m., the 26" version for approx. 1.75 m, the 24" version for approx. 1,65 m.

The Nazca Gaucho features a completely new frame design, a new variation to the concept that was successfully introduced with the Paseo and later adapted for the Fuego. Essential in this design is that the main frame, rear fork and sub frame are joined together using two CNC machined aluminum plates, that also form part of the rear fork bearing assembly. This construction is very strong, rigid and lightweight. It’s also a design that is well protected against corrosion.

Each individual rider’s comfort can be assured as the seat angle and ride can be changed easily using quick release levers.

For all versions powerful disc brakes are fitted, either mechanically or hydraulically operated. Because of the chain line, V-brakes are not an acceptable option.

For the Gaucho a new type of 26” front suspension fork was developed with a travel of 25 mm and adjustable spring tension. The heat-treated aluminum fork uses a spring unit with hardened steel sleeves for durability and easy maintenance. The suspension fork can only be selected for ASS models. Max tyre size is 40 mm.

Technical details

Seat height 64 / 62 / 56 cm, middle position, loaded
Bracket height 80 / 78 / 72 cm, middle position, loaded
Wheelbase 114 / 113 / 112 cm
Wheelsize 28 inch (ETRTO 622 mm) / 26 inch (ETRTO 559 mm) / 24 inch (ETRTO 507 mm)
Seat angle adjustable 26-34 degrees
Average weight approx. 18 kg, depending on version
Max. load (rider + Luggage) 130 kg
Frame material 25 CrMo4
Material front fork 25 CrMo4
Luggage rack aluminum tube, max. load 30 kg
Seat / seat pad glass fiber/epoxy seat size M,L,XL. seat pad Comfort (Nazca) or Sport (Novosport)
Coating iron phosphating + 2-layer powder coating
Available colors White, firered, applegreen, nightblue, black satin, melon yellow
Versions allround 3x9 Deore, allround 3x9 Dual Drive, Top-Touring 3x9 Deore XT, Alfine 11 speed, Rohloff 14 speed
Options Kickstand, tyres, front suspension, brakes, lighting, lowriders, cranksets
Steering option ASS, fully adjustable, stainless steel