gaucho stops, quetzal and webshop continue

Delivery of Nazca Gaucho Tour and Gaucho Highracer stops, Nazca continues with Quetzal tandem and parts delivery.

After long doubts we finally made the decision: we are going to stop the production of the Nazca solo recumbent models. Last year we already decided not to have new Fuego and Paseo frames made, now unfortunately the curtains are falling for the Gaucho and Gaucho highracer as well.

The solo frames that are currently still in stock (some Gaucho's / Pioneer / Cruiser / Explorer) we will sell directly, delivery via dealers has stopped.

We expect to continue making the Quetzal tandem for quite some time to come, interest in this has clearly increased since the crisis.

The delivery of Nazca parts will be continued through our webshop.

After more than 20 years of Nazca, we now consciously choose to phase out our company slowly, a.o. to be able to spend more time in our second home in France. We are not actively looking for an acquisition candidate, but if a serious party comes forward who wants to start up production again, we will announce this as soon as possible.