10 febr 2021: Nazca also stops delivering the Quetzal

Even earlier than foreseen we will stop completely the production of new recumbents, including the tandem, in spring 2021.

The Quetzal frames and the last Gaucho's have been sold faster than expected, Covid-19 is an important additional reason that new series are no longer feasible for us.

For info on the Nazca frames and demo-bicycles still in stock please go to the webshop.

Since we expect Nazca recumbents to remain in use for many years due to their quality and construction, the supply of parts will be kept in the air as long as possible through the webshop. Many parts are still available, but it is unfortunately unavoidable that certain parts will become scarce in the future.

All pages of this website have been updated October 2021 and will remain available for future reference.

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