gaucho 28 highraceR

The Gaucho 28 Highracer combines the best of both worlds: the comfort and speed of a recumbent bike and the stylish, lightweight components of the classic road bike. Large 28" racing wheels and high-tech tyres with extremely low rolling resistance make the Gaucho 28 Highracer a thoroughbred racer or a very fast travel bike. The rear suspension provides extra comfort and excellent road holding. And thanks to the efficient chain line, hardly any energy is lost in the suspension. Every push is effective and you can feel that!

The Gaucho Highracer is available in two versions with different reclining angles: a thoroughbred racing version and a slightly more upright touring version. Both offer unparalleled riding pleasure, both in the windy polder and on a steep Alpine pass!

The Gaucho 28 highracer has been discontinued since 2020.

front brake

The front brake is fitted with a special adapter at the rear of the front fork. The current generation of rim brakes is very powerful and excellent to dose.

comfortable rear suspension

The Highracer has a very efficient rear suspension, where extra comfort is not at the expense of speed.

rear brake

The rear brake is attached to the underside of the rear fork, the maximum tyrewidth is 25 mm.

adjustable seat angle and shock absorber

The seat angle can be adjusted over a wide range using quick-releases, in combination with the 3-stage adjustment of the shock absorber.

aerosteer or tiller steer

The aero-steer is adjustable in height and reach and you can choose between two widths for the handlebars. The aero handlebar offers a relaxed posture and optimal comfort. Moreover, it gives you good control over the bike and a pleasant posture when climbing. For a small seat angle, such as in the racing version, a tiller-steer is better suited, especially for cyclists with a smaller stature.

quick adjustment

The quick adjustment feature of the shock absorber provides three different geometries to suit conditions. In this way you have more or less three different bikes, from 'all-the-way flat' to reasonably upright. In other words: from the optimal setting for "as hard as possible through the polder" to optimal for climbing the Mont Ventoux.


seat height

60 cm, middle position, loaded

bracket height

78 cm, middle position, loaded


front/rear 28 inch (ETRTO 622 mm)


114 cm

seat angle

choice from 2 frame-versions, adjustable 26-34 degrees or 21-29 degrees

frame material

frame/rear fork/subframe thin-walled steel 25CrMo4, front fork/front tube/connecting plates aluminium

maximum load 

100 kg (wheels 24/28 spokes), alt. 120 kg (32 spoke wheels), (rider + luggage)

rear shock

DNM-MM22AR, adjustable damping and pre-load, length 150 mm (low version) / 165 mm for higher version

front suspension

no option

luggage carrier

without carrier as standard, optional Gaucho Tour-carrier incl. assembly set


glass fiber/polyester seat size M, L, XL, seat pad Nazca or Novosport


iron-phosphating + 2-layer powder coating

standard colours

fire-red, applegreen, nightblue, black-satin, melon-yellow, white

steerer types

stainless steel tillersteer/aerosteer

options   (scroll l/r)

carbon seat

The carbon seat is 500 - 700 grams lighter than a glass fiber seat in the same size, but is just as strong. Thanks to the visible carbon fibres and the craftsmanship of the maker, the carbon seat is also a feast for the eyes.

carbon front fork

A carbon front fork with aluminium steerer tube is about 200 grams lighter than an aluminium fork, and is also a little more comfortable. The maximum weight of the rider and luggage is 100 kg, the maximum tyrewidth is 25 mm.

tour rack

An option is the addition of the Gaucho Tour luggage rack, including sub-frame modification. The maximum load of the carrier is 30 kg (the total permissible load, however, is also determined by the wheels and tyres). The carrier is suitable for recumbent (banana) bags and standard bicycle bags.

air suspension

Air suspension is approximately 200 grams lighter than a shock absorber with a steel spring. A special pump allows you to accurately adjust the suspension to the rider's weight and luggage. Air suspension is less suitable for travelling or loads above 100 kg.

ventisit cushion

Ventisit has been a popular brand for recumbent cushions for many years. The material has a very good ventilation effect, offers a lot of comfort, does not absorb any water and has a long life span. The cushion is attached with velcro and can therefore be removed quickly.


The headrest is attached to the seat with 4 bolts. The support is fully adjustable and therefore always fits. The stainless steel bars can be bent slightly for the correct position of the support.


Do you want extra-light racing wheels or an extra strong rear wheel with a Rohloff hub and a light hub dynamo in the front wheel? There are many possibilities to meet individual needs.

colour choice

Colour is important. Do you have special requirements? We can supply a large number of non-standard colours as an extra option. Please let us know which RAL number you want. Then we will check if we have the colour available.

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