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New opening hours for Nazca

Small change for customers, big change for us

Nazca celebrates its 20th birthday with a second home in France. But the company remains in Nijeveen. What you notice as a customer is that the shop is now open by appointment and that certain models are no longer available.
For us, Monique Holterman and Henk van der Woerdt, it is a bigger step. As a close husband and wife Nazca-team we are going to live in our second home in France for a couple of months a year.

We will continue to make the recumbents in Nijeveen, but we will divide our time and energy differently. To make it easier for ourselves, we will limit the number of models and versions. In our shop in Nijeveen you can test ride our models and get direct advice. Henk also assembles the bicycles there and delivers them as agreed.

Reliable and well-designed

We look back with satisfaction on the past twenty years, making recumbents for customers all over the world. This has allowed us to get to know many of them personally. But they were also intensive years. Because designing all the different models, for different people and applications brings with it a great responsibility. It means that perfect is only just good enough and that you often work long days. But it is very satisfying that our recumbents have proven to be very reliable and well designed.

The current market
In those 20 years there have been many different models developed by Nazca, usually produced in series of 50-100pcs. In the current recumbent market this is no longer the case. The best-selling Nazca model has been the Gaucho Tour for years, according to Henk his best all-round recumbent. On this model, in all its versions, the focus will be on the coming years. Besides the Gaucho, the successful Quetzal tandem remains in production. This means that the Fuego and Paseo models are no longer available. The Pioneer, Fiero XS and the Cruiser/Explorer will be offered as frame kits at an attractive price via our webshop.

Open by appointment
Besides renovating our house in France, we spend most of our time in Nijeveen. We are available all year round on working days and the shop is open by appointment. As always, Monique is your trusted contact. So if you want to know something, make an appointment or order a recumbent: an email to Monique is enough! And in our webshop you can of course shop day and night.