Why a recumbent?

Now, what is so much fun about recumbent bikes? Yes, if you park your recumbent bike next to a summer terrace, there are always a few curious people who want to know. For those and everyone who asked this question to Google and so ended up here, so it is eh... lies.

cycling is great

First of all, what makes cycling so enjoyable to do?

We Dutch people know it, we have more bicycles than residents and together we cycle 15 billion kilometres a year (source: fietsersbond.nl). Cycling is fine, because we come from a to b, because we work on our physical condition and because we are outdoor. In addition, the bike is suitable for both small and large purposes: commuting, shopping, touring, racing, mountain biking, holidays, world trips... A lot of advantages.

and riding a recumbent is twice as nice

There are a few advantages to riding a recumbent bicycle. The body weight is distributed over a larger area, which means less pressure on the wrists, shoulders and seat, no saddle pain. Furthermore, the recumbent cyclist has less air resistance. Coming forward with headwind takes less effort and a somewhat higher average speed is quite normal. And then, the body posture ... some think: 'Would my neck not bother me? But the position is very comfortable, actually like in a lazy chair. So even after a journey of hours: no pain. With the added bonus of a panoramic view of the surroundings.

how versatile is a recumbent bicycle?

Basically, you can do with a recumbent bike anything you can do with a road bike, touring bike, holiday bike, city bike and to some extent a mountain bike. It may take a few kilometres to get used to, but that is not a problem either. Of course it does matter if you want to race with your recumbent or if you want a quiet ride. That's why we offer an optimal model and design for every application.

And the niciest thing about recumbents, we think, are the conversations that the recumbent bike releases!